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On the hunt for a "Trampoline" or anything else associated with trampolines?

I hope you'll find "" to be of great help to you... we've spent a great deal of time hunting down information on trampolines and reviewing the different types of trampolines on the market.

If you're involved with kids at know from experience that trampolines are a great way to keep kids active. Not to mention kids love trampolines. I know they love trampolines...cause I've got four great kids myself.

Trampolines are well worth investing in (my opinion), but you also want to make sure you're getting quality products, because quality fits in with safety. As you know, safety is a big concern with nor I want anyone getting hurt.

So take a good look around, and I hope you'll find some great information tp help you on your hunt for a trampoline.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when buying a trampoline:
(Not an all encompassing list, but should get you thinking in the right direction.)

What age group will be most often using your trampoline?

If you have young kids that will be using the trampoline, no point in getting a heaving duty trampoline that's used for competition. You may want to look at getting a trampoline that's only a foot or two off the ground, with an enclosure attached to the trampoline. Another thing to consider is the weight rating on trampolines. If you have young kids you can use a trampoline that doesn't have a high maximum weight guide, this may mean not having to spend as much on a trampoline. If you want the trampoline around for a few years, then you need to consider the fact that kids grow, and what is good for today...may not be good in 4 years, cause the kids have grown and weight more.

Are you buying your trampoline for home or an organization?

Often times if you're buying a trampoline for home, you'll be looking for a trampoline that may be slightly smaller in diameter, etc. Just so the trampoline doesn't take up your entire yard. On the other hand if space isn't any issue, bigger is likely the way to go (my opinion), less chance of anyone falling off.

Whak skill level are your trampoline users going to be?

If you have beginner users, I'd definitely look to get a trampoline with an enclosure. Some may argue with me on this, because they feel that sometimes people rely on the enclosure to much and don't learn to jump responsibly. Some would go as far to say that enclosures have increase the number of injuries. The reason injuries happen on trampolines with enclosures is because, to may people are allowed on the trampoline. If proper rules are established, there is no reason why enclosures shouldn't reduce the number of injuries.

Do we get a round trampoline or a rectangular trampoline?

People I've talked to or read there opinions about this topic, would say that rectangular trampolines give a more powerful jump. This means that the person using the trampoline has to worry more about control...keeping in the center. So if you're looking for a trampoline as a recreation item, I'd go for a round trampoline.

Hopefully some of these suggestions get you pointed in the right direction on selecting a trampoline. Please contact a sales professional to get expert advice. These are my opinions, which may not always be right.


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